Yin Yoga & Massage with Essential Oils

Join Bridget Salisbury & Massage Therapist Jessica Pua Holder

February 11th 5:00-6:30pm & March 4th 5:00-6:30pm

Experience a gentle yin yoga class with longer-held poses for complete relaxation of all areas of the body with emphasis on shoulders, hips and back, while receiving therapeutic hands-on adjustments with aromatherapy massage and essential oils.

Bring a friend! This workshop is open to everyone at any level of experience.

$25 pre-reg $30 at door

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Dance Therapy Workshop

 February 25th 5:00-7:00pm
You know how sometimes it feels like there is something blocking you from achieving or feeling what you want? In this workshop you will uncover the next piece of the puzzle in understanding and releasing what is holding you back. No dance experience is necessary in this movement based practice, but you’ll need a journal so bring a pen and notebook.

Class Overview
Warm Up And Get Grounded
Explore The Heavy Emotion Through Visualization, Journaling, & Movement
Integrate The Experience Through Group Coaching And Partner Exercises
About The Facilitators
Alex & Melody each have over 20 years of experience in dance and performance. They share a common story of struggling with anxiety, healing through a variety of modalities, and “coming home” to a movement practice for emotional wellbeing.
Alex is a certified professional coach, helping
entrepreneurs, freelancers, and healers grow their businesses through public speaking. Melody owns a company with her husband creating eco friendly landscapes for homeowners who are passionate about sustainable living.
About The Practice
Emotions are chemical energy which cause areas of our body to activate. Recurring emotions often cause areas of the body to lock up based on where those emotions occur. You see a heavy heart when shoulders slump. You see fear of loss of control in a rigid spine. You see sexual shame in locked up hips. By practicing communicating with the emotional energy in the body, we can release its hold and have access to greater amounts of potential energy.
$25 pre-reg $30 at door
Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath 
April 22nd 6:00-7:30pm

Join Bridget Salisbury & Sean Levahn at OMNI YOGA

Bridget will lead you through a series of gentle restorative postures that are relaxing and soothing to the body, mind and spirit. We will be using many props such as bolsters, straps, blocks and blankets to maximize your comfort and restore the body.

Prepare to Dive into a Harmonic sound meditation.. This IS VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE AT IT’S FINEST!! Join in on an inner journey of self healing, using Sound Harmonics, woven together into a symphonic Ocean of Sound that flows through your body, awakening all your senses! It’s time to flower into your full light with the power of frequency, vibration, and the yoga of sound (Nada Yoga). Enlist the engaged mind to create an epic sonic meditative affirmation and embody the eternally wise being that lives just beneath the noise of daily living. The ancient instruments of the gong, chime, bell, bowl, drum, and crystal all converge and dance to create an Oceanic sound wave you can ride all the way HOME. The overarching theme to all these “Sound Meditations” is DEEP REST and RENEWAL and the RESTORATION of our overly stimulated nervous systems. Transformation of consciousness, an explosion of creative ideas, lucid dreaming states, integration of life challenges, Conscious Sleep, and the rejuvenation of the “zest for life” are some of the benefits you might see. As we awaken from the “Sonic massage” we will feel like we slept for 12 hours straight. Colours are brighter, sound is amplified, and all your senses are heightened for up to a week afterwards! Having experienced a nervous system reboot through DEEP REST and RENEWAL, we are ready to stand in the center of our own lives and find gratitude for its unfolding. You are invited and there is a place at the table for you!

$25 pre-reg * $30 at door