Breathwork & Sonic Rejuvenation Circle May 20th, 23rd, 27th 7:30-9:00pm

Together we explore expanded states of consciousness using healing pranayama breathwork and sonic vibrations from the chakra-tuned crystal quartz sound bowls! We will start with an intention circle to manifest what we would like to bring into our practice. A guided meditation will help us relax into the breathwork that will be enhanced by the sound bath using vibrational crystal bowls and array of other ancient sacred instruments. This will help restore, refresh, and rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul!

Jamie facilitates breathwork and sound healing in order to benefit your life in the following ways:

đź’šInduce states of peace, bliss, and ecstasy

đź’™Purge what no longer serves you

đź’šStrengthen your immune system

đź’™Alleviate pain, depression, stress, and anxiety

đź’šExplore altered states of consciousness

đź’™Improve circulation and blood pressure

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, and small pillow or towel to lay under your head. Bring whatever you need to make a cozy nest for yourself! You may also bring crystals so that they may be infused by the sound bath.

$20 pre-reg $25 at door

Yoga Anatomy Workshop June 30th 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Below The Surface: An anatomically infused exploration of asana.
An in depth study of upper body anatomy including: origins, insertions, actions of
muscle groups, and how the musculoskeletal system functions in specific asanas.
Practice of carefully selected yoga poses and variations on traditional asana that will
act as a therapeutic tonic for the shoulders, neck, and upper back.
With Jahara Sara Jane, OTR/L, E-RYT 200
is an occupational therapist and seasoned yoga teacher with diverse experience working
with individuals across the lifespan. As a long-time movement artist and yoga practitioner
Jahara is devoted to forever growing in her understanding of the body and exploring
deeper dimensions of what it means to be human. Her teaching is heart oriented and
spiritually inspiring, unifying principles of alignment with a philosophy that embodies a
celebration of the heart and encompasses a vision of totality in which each person is
seen as equally divine. More information at: jahlotusheart.com

$40 pre-reg $50 at door

“Photo credit: Raymond Long, MD”



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